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Joe Bagley

Digital Project Manager

I have been at Envision since:


Hobbies, activities, or interests:

I’m an avid athlete and enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, softball, and soccer. I am interested in new to market technologies/products, I love to be the first person to discover or own something new and cool. I will also leap at any chance to travel i.e. feel free to invite me to your next trip, especially if it's abroad!

Interesting story or fact about me:

I am notorious for not stopping at third base even when the third base coach is telling me to stop when I am playing softball. For some reason, when I am running around the bases I feel as if Barry Allen has nothing on me. Unfortunately, during my last season of softball in the playoffs my team was down 1 run and I had it in my mind I was going to score, that’s when I ran into Harold Shaw, former Patriots fullback. He was the catcher. He also had the ball. Don’t worry, he tagged me out and I ended up breaking my hand in 3 separate places, and ended up with some screws, wires, and pins in my hand. Oh yeah, we ended up winning the game!

Professional summary:

I graduated from Longwood University with degrees in Marketing and Management, but before I even got there I helped start an all-natural herbal infused skin care company in the US Northwest. After graduation, I started a non-profit organization to help underprivileged individuals become self-sustainable by teaching them a trade. I have since been involved with a multitude of industries, from US Manufacturing, Relais & Chateaux Hotels, Digital Marketing Agencies, and more.