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Nathan Fox

DiD Support Coordinator

I have been at Envision since:

December 2021

Hobbies, activities, or interests:

If it has anything to do with being outside, I will love it. But at the top, it’s playing football, volleyball, and relaxing at the beach. When I am not outside, I enjoy movies, music, and illustrating either on a tablet, sketchbook, or even doodling on my hand if a creative spark appears.

Interesting story or fact about me:

Well apart from being a redhead and having the last name Fox, I grew up with an odd relationship with technology. My childhood was when smartphones and tablets began to appear, however, at the same time I grew up using CD players, and even having a TV with a knob and antenna watching black and white TV shows like The Three Stooges and McHale’s Navy.

Professional summary:

Graduated in 2021 at New England Tech for Graphics, Multimedia, and Web Design, Envision is my first step in the career world. Here I assist with communications between my department and clients, as well as aid in designing internal work and client websites.