"Envision will challenge you in the best ways"

– Jeremy Girard

When people ask me about working at Envision, they tend to only focus on the fun environment we have here. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love our fun-filled culture and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but there is actually another aspect of the company that really sums up life at Envision for me.

When I came to this company in 2008 as the Creative Director for the Envision’s web design team, my background was very much centered around being a designer. While I did have some project management experience, as well as web development skills, my focus up until that point had been primarily on design.

I can remember sitting down with Envision’s CEO, Todd, for my first annual review. The review itself was very positive, and near the end of our discussion I was asked about the professional goals that I had for the coming year. I answered the question and after a few minutes, Todd looked at me and said, “No offense, but everything you just named as goals for the year are things you are already really good at. You’re not taking any chances.”

Jeremy on camera
Jeremy on camera

He was right. All of the goals that I wanted to work towards were safe choices. I was already very good at design and the goals I stated were really nothing more than getting better at design. Challenged by Todd’s comments to me, I decided to do something that was admittedly a bit scary - I took a part-time position teaching web design as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Rhode Island.

Being in front of a classroom and being responsible for educating others was a far cry from my previous experiences as a web designer, but the push that Envision gave me, as well as the ongoing support, helped me to make this endeavor a success. In time, I also began authoring content for various publications, including About.com which made me their "Web Design and HTML Expert" in 2015. I even had the opportunity to write and record video content for a “Basics of Web Design” workshop for Peachpit Press. The photo of me on this page was actually taken in a studio in San Francisco as I recorded this video series.

Through these endeavors I have been able to educate a new group of web design professionals and give something back to an industry that has been so good to me. In the process, I also grew in my own career, becoming much more than just the designer who first took a job at Envision all those years ago.

My position with Envision today is as the Director of Marketing, a role that I was only able to grow into because I stepped out of my comfort zone, pushed forward by Todd's comments to me in that aforementioned annual review.

For me, this is what it means to work for Envision. Yes, the entire company dresses up for Halloween, we have Nerf gun battles in the office, and we have a slushy machine in our break room. As awesome as those perks may be, however, when someone asks me what it’s like to work for Envision, my honest response is that “working for Envision will challenge you in the best ways. You will grow as a professional and as a person and you will realize that, no matter how scary the leap you may need to take may seem, there is a team behind you ready to watch your back and take that leap with you.”

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