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Planning Your Prevention Strategy: Actionable Insights Into How Organizations Can Prepare for Security Threats

Event Date:

Oct 28, 2021

11:00 AM



Protecting your business from cyberattacks has never been more important, or more complex, than it is today. In our previous webinar (which is scheduled for 10/13/21) we provided examples of how easy it can be for hackers to take over your network if the right protections are not in place. However, even with those protections, there is more to consider when establishing a comprehensive security strategy that will greatly mitigate the impact of attacks on your business.

Join Jason Albuquerque, COO, Envision Technology Advisors and Dan Andrea, Director of Information Security, KLR for a fireside chat on actionable strategies that you can put in place to greatly reduce your risk of a cyberattack. They will discuss best practices surrounding:

• Risk Assessments & Security Tasks

• Cybersecurity Vulnerability

• Disaster Recovery Planning

• Vendor Management

• Remote Workforce

• Employee Security Posture Training and Measurement

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