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Your team should have the ability to share files, innovate, and collaborate seamlessly, without increasing the likelihood of data loss and theft. With Zero Trust, these aren’t conflicting principles. With seamlessly integrated security and worry-free collaboration, work is faster and easier than it ever was before. That’s the power of the Modern Workplace. 

Why Choose Envision

Businesses and non-profits alike choose Envision because, like Microsoft, we view security as foundational. It informs every decision we make and every candid piece of advice we give. Even if your organization isn’t currently leveraging Microsoft, or isn’t fully deployed in Microsoft 365, we still have the expertise to help you reap the benefits of Zero Trust. 

Zero Trust Explained

Zero Trust is built around the idea that all actions— even those by trusted users—could be a breach. Access is granted conditionally, and risk is evaluated in the context of each request. However, Zero Trust isn’t a single technology, it’s an ecosystem. Deployed well, it should empower you with integrated tools, end-to-end visibility, and automated risk mitigation to safeguard your entire digital estate.

Microsoft has made Zero Trust the core architectural principle for Microsoft 365 and Azure, investing billions of dollars to create the single most comprehensive and modern security platform in the world. 

Verify Explicitly

Every request for access is authenticated and authorized in a fraction of a second, based on all available data points (user identity, location, device health, data classification etc.) If Diane is in Chicago, her laptop shouldn’t be allowed to log-in from Rome. 

Use Least-Privileged Access

Users should never have more access than they need or for any longer than they need it. Paul in Building Maintenance probably doesn’t need super admin privileges. If he leaves the company, his permissions should end on his last day.


Assume Breach

Threat actors can come from anywhere, including insider threats. To be effective, preventative measures can’t stop at the perimeter. Every security check must be applied across the board, to every request.


Reduction in the likelihood of a data breach with identity-security capabilities and adaptive access controls.


Reduction of password reset requests by enabling self-service password reset thus driving higher productivity for employees.


Deployment time saved with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

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