About Envision

Where It All Began

Todd in his basement during the early days.

In 1998, Envision Technology Advisors, LLC was started by Todd Knapp, who still serves as the company's CEO today.

Working out of a Providence basement office that sat beside a hot water heater, Todd quickly discovered that there was a demand for technology consulting services. He also realized that to meet that demand, he needed some help.


Growing & Thriving

Brent during the early days of Envision.

Enter Brent Ouellette - Envision’s first hire and an integral part of the success that Envision has enjoyed. Together, Brent and Todd began offering technology services, including Y2K preparation (remember that?) to a variety of businesses in and around Rhode Island. Over the years, Todd and Brent began to build on the technology services they offered and the company began to grow, adding new services and people along the way.


From Y2K, to Virtualization, to Digital Transformation

From serving as early pioneers in virtualization during the early 2000's, to now leading the charge in Digital Transformation and Modern Workplace initiatives, Envision has always been, and will always be, an organization committed to finding new ways to help people realize their personal and business goals through technology and innovation