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Solving the Complexities of Cyber Insurance for SMBs - Brian Fritton - BSW #356

July 15, 2024

Cyber insurance underwriting is all over the map. With such a variation in application requirements, how should small and medium businesses prepare to receive the best policy for the price? Brian Fritton joins Business Security Weekly to discuss a...

Business Security Weekly

Technology Rationalization in Cybersecurity - Max Shier - BSW #355

July 08, 2024

On average, CISOs manage 50-75 security products. Many of these products have either not been deployed or only partially deployed, while others overlap of products. How do CISOs effectively consolidate their products to a manageable size? Max Shier,...

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CISOs 2023 Planning Guide: Forecast The Recession's Impact On Your Program - Jeff Pollard - BSW Vault

July 01, 2024

Check out this interview from the BSW Vault, hand picked by main host Matt Alderman! This segment was originally published on October 11, 2022. As 2023 approaches, security leaders are hard at work preparing their budgets, identifying their projects,...

Business Security Weekly

Building a Successful API Security Strategy - Luke Babarinde, Bhawna Singh - BSW #354

June 25, 2024

With 71% of web traffic coming from API calls last year and the average organization maintaining 613 API endpoints, a robust strategy is needed to protect APIs against automated threats and business logic attacks. Tune in as Luke Babarinde, Global...

Business Security Weekly

Zero Trust Is Not A SKU - Saša Zdjelar - BSW Vault

June 17, 2024

Check out this interview from the BSW Vault, hand picked by main host Matt Alderman! This segment was originally published on August 9, 2022. Zero Trust is the security buzzword of the moment, and while it is a very powerful approach, nearly every...

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The State of the Cybersecurity Market, At Least According to Gartner - Vivek Ramachandran, Carl Froggett, Padraic O'Reilly - BSW #353

June 10, 2024

Did you miss Gartner Security & Risk Management last week in National Harbor, MD? Don't worry, Padraic O'Reilly, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at CyberSaint, joins us to discuss the hot topics that were presented at the conference last...

Business Security Weekly

Emotional Intelligence for Cyber Leaders - James Doggett, Jessica Hoffman, Sivan Tehila - BSW #352

June 03, 2024

Since the 1995 publication of Daniel Goleman’s international bestseller Emotional Intelligence, Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, a global movement has developed to bring “EQ” into practice in businesses, schools, and communities around the globe....

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The VC Perspective: Embracing Uncertainty & Staying the Course - Alberto Yépez - BSW Vault

May 27, 2024

Check out this interview from the BSW Vault, hand picked by main host Matt Alderman! This segment was originally published on June 27, 2022. Forgepoint Capital’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Alberto Yépez, explains what the current economic...

Business Security Weekly

Shifting Third Party Risk & What You Need to Know About PCI DSS 4.0 - Lynn Marks, Paul Valente - BSW Vault

May 27, 2024

Explore how to transform your third party risk program from a business bottleneck to a business driver. Discover how evidence-based security documentation and AI can streamline risk assessments, completing them in days not months. This data-driven...

Business Security Weekly

Security Money: Rubrick Saves The Index As It Continues To Climb - Jim Simpson, Theresa Lanowitz - BSW #351

May 20, 2024

This week, it’s time for security money, our quarterly review of the money of security, including public companies, IPOs, funding rounds and acquisitions from the previous quarter. This quarter, Rubrick's IPO saves the index, as Cisco finishes the...

Business Security Weekly

Identity Resilience: The Next Frontier in Security - Hed Kovetz, Ray Zadjmool, Jeff Margolies - BSW #350

May 13, 2024

In today's enterprises, the Identity Access Management (IAM) System is the key to a business' critical operations. But that IAM environment is more vulnerable than most security executives realize. Segment Resources: This segment is sponsored by...

Business Security Weekly

Say Easy, Do Hard - Train How You Fight, Part 1 - Malcolm Harkins - BSW #349

May 06, 2024

Inspired by my co-host Jason Albuquerque, this quarter's Say Easy, Do Hard segment is Train How You Fight. In part 1, we discuss the importance of training for a cyber incident. However, lots of organizations do not take it seriously, causing mistakes...

Business Security Weekly

Meet Silver SAML: Golden SAML in the Cloud - Eric Woodruff - BSW #348

April 29, 2024

A hybrid workforce requires hybrid identity protection. But what are the threats facing a hybrid workforce? As identity becomes the new perimeter, we need to understand the attacks that can allow attackers access to our applications. Eric Woodruff,...

Business Security Weekly

What does DoD’s CMMC Requirement Mean for American Businesses - Edward Tuorinsky, Mike Lyborg - BSW #347

April 22, 2024

Since 2016, we been hearing about the impending impact of CMMC. But so far, it's only been words. That looks to be changing. Edward Tourinsky, Founder & Managing Principal at DTS, joins Business Security Weekly to discuss the coming impact of CMMC...

Business Security Weekly

From Idea to Success: How to Operationalize a Startup from Zero to Exit - Seth Spergel - BSW #346

April 15, 2024

Startup founders dream of success, but it's much harder than it looks. As a former founder, I know the challenges of cultivating an idea, establishing product market fit, growing revenue, and finding the right exit. Trust me, it doesn't always end...

Business Security Weekly

Understanding the Cybersecurity Ecosystem - Ross Haleliuk - BSW #345

April 08, 2024

In this discussion, we focus on vendor/tool challenges in infosec, from a security leader's perspective. To quote our guest, Ross, "running a security program is often confused with shopping". You can't buy an effective security program any more than...

Business Security Weekly

CISO Soul Searching: Navigating the Evolving Role of the CISO - Harold Rivas - BSW #344

April 02, 2024

Harold Rivas has held multiple CISO roles. In his current CISO role, he's championing Trellix's overall mission to address the issues CISOs face every day, encouraging information sharing and collaborative discussions among the CISO community to help...

Business Security Weekly

Apps Gone Wild: Re-thinking App and Identity Security for SaaS - Guy Guzner - BSW #343

March 26, 2024

With hundreds or thousands of SaaS apps to secure with no traditional perimeter, Identity becomes the focal point for SaaS Security in the modern enterprise. Yet with Shadow IT, now recast as Business-Led IT, quickly becoming normal practice, it’s...

Business Security Weekly

How The Evolving Threat Landscape Drives Innovation In Cybersecurity - Tom Parker, Dave Dewalt - BSW #342

March 18, 2024

Dave DeWalt needs no introduction. A four-time CEO and currently the Founder and CEO of NightDragon, Dave collects, analyses, and disseminates more intelligence on the cybersecurity industry in a year than most of us ever will in a lifetime. We've...

Business Security Weekly

Protecting Executives: Why The Home Is The New Battle Ground - Chris Pierson - BSW #341

March 15, 2024

When you think of executive protection, you think of work related activities such as security details, travel planning, and other physical security protections. But in the world of Artificial Intelligence and DeepFakes, the risk landscape for...

Business Security Weekly

The Convergence of Security, Compliance, and Risk - Igor Volovich - BSW #340

March 04, 2024

The SEC's new cyber reporting requirements are forcing organizations to rethink their compliance and risk programs. No longer can compliance and risk be static, point in time assessments. Instead they need to match the speed of security which is...

Business Security Weekly

AI Risks, Application Performance - Padraic O'Reilly, Shibu George - BSW #339

February 26, 2024

Released on January 26, 2023, the NIST AI RMF Framework was developed through a consensus-driven, open, transparent, and collaborative process that included a Request for Information, several draft versions for public comments, multiple workshops, and...

Business Security Weekly

The New BISO Role – A Career Path to CISO? - BSW Vault

February 19, 2024

Check out this interview from the BSW Vault, hand picked by main host Matt Alderman! This segment was originally published on February 22, 2022. The Business Information Security Officer, or BISO, is relatively new and somewhat controversial role....

Business Security Weekly

Proactive Compliance, Improving Cybersecurity Culture, and Hiring The Right Skills - BSW #338

February 14, 2024

In the leadership and communications section, SEC’s Enforcement Head: It’s Time for ‘Proactive Compliance’, Improving cybersecurity culture: A priority in the year of the CISO, Breaking Down Barriers: 6 Simple Measures to Overcome...

Business Security Weekly

Security Money/Pick Your Battles To Avoid Overconsolidation - Jess Burn, Jeff Pollard - BSW #337

February 05, 2024

It's time to review the money of security, including public companies, IPOs, funding rounds and acquisitions from the previous quarter. We also update you on the Security Weekly 25 index. The index came roaring back last quarter. Here are the stocks...