May 11, 2021


Managed I.T., Digital Transformation


David Cordeiro

Editor's Note: Our new “Talking to David” series will focus on some of the actual questions and conversations our Strategic Account Consultant, David Cordeiro, is having with businesses big and small. Do you have similar questions? Click here to Talk to David!

First and foremost, a big difference between Envision and other companies is that we have no-contract managed services. Let’s face it: nobody likes to be locked into a multi-year contract. If you're in a contract, the first thing you want to do at the end of it is finding a way out. We don’t put “golden handcuffs” on people by locking them into anything. We want them to do business with us because they want to do business with us.

Another differentiator is that we don't charge any setup fees. We often strongly recommend our clients to engage in an assessment because instead of going in and charging you to take over your network and manage it, the first thing we do is a forensic audit of your environment. Whether a client manages their environment internally or leverages a third party for this, our assessment always comes from a nonbiased, neutral engineer. The engineer will identify servers, firewalls, endpoints, backups, and anything else that’s related to the environment as a whole. You’d be surprised what kinds of problems we run into! However, our technical experts are always prepared to offer a solution, no matter the scope of the issue.

While an assessment isn’t necessarily required, it gives us a high-level overview of the environment and it allows the client to understand their environment better as well. In many cases, people don't know what they have in their environment or what the underlying issue is. If the client wants to continue working with Envision and implement some of the recommendations in the assessment, we will work to find a way to offset some of that cost. At the end of the day, we want to do the right thing by addressing a client’s specific needs as soon as possible.

Our approach to managed services is about looking forward and being proactive within the environment. Envision Technology Advisors is our name for a reason. Our goal is to advise clients about not just their current situation, but to also look at where they could be and how they can move their business forward. What we look at is implementing technology to improve efficiency. Our process wasn’t developed overnight. We come with twenty-plus years of experience of learning what works and what doesn't work, what clients are looking for, and most importantly, what their specific needs are. Click here to schedule some time to talk to me today and I can focus more on your company’s specific needs.