May 27, 2021


Data & Intelligence


David Cordeiro

Working with lots of Excel spreadsheets, or dealing with silos of data from systems that don’t talk to each other, is a recipe for headaches and inefficiencies. It is also a guarantee that you won’t get the most that you can out of that data. If you are striving to transform your company into a Modern Workplace, moving to a solution like Power BI for your data analytics and business intelligence is critically important.

Because Power BI is part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, other tools your company is using can feed important data into to system where you can analyze it in ways you just could never do with some static spreadsheets.

So the real answer here about how to get past “spreadsheet-overload” is to start deprecating those sheets and look for more powerful data analytics tools that can do more for your company. If you’d like more information on options with Power BI, use the link to book some time to talk to me further about your specific needs.

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