Oct 05, 2017



How much weight can a popsicle stick bridge hold? A lot more than you would think, apparently! The Envision team put our engineering skills to the test during our popsicle stick bridge building competition. During another friendly day of competition at Envision, we broke up into teams of four and were given two hours, 300 popsicle sticks, and super glue. The goal was to build a bridge that could sustain the most weight when suspended across 18 inches. We began building at 10 am, and two hours later our fingers were glued together, our eyes burned, and our bridges were built! We enjoyed a pizza lunch while we allowed the bridges to dry. A bucket was hung at the center of each bridge and then lead scuba weights were placed in the bucket one at a time until each bridge finally snapped - or at least that was the plan. Todd, who was the mastermind behind this event, underestimated our skills! 4 of the 6 bridges were able to sustain every weight he had! This is when we had to go Plan B and organize Round Two. Fast forward a few weeks and we were ready to test the bridges again; this time after enjoying lunch from our food truck neighbor Smoke & Squeal BBQ—who is based out of our building. We filled up on brisket, pulled pork, and lots of mac and cheese before we tested the four remaining bridges. They were placed on a frame that we constructed in our Concierge Configuration Center that could put up to 1000 lbs of pressure in the center of each bridge. Needless to say, things were a little more interesting this time around and the popsicle sticks were flying! Here's some pictures of the fun: