Sep 13, 2016



In the spirit of our hugely popular "You're Getting On My Nerfs" event, the team at Envision decided to hold another fun day of food and friendly competition. For this event, we decided to go with a "dominos" theme. The day started with some pizza followed by the staff of Envision breaking up into teams so we could get started with the 3 challenges that we had planned for the day. As Seen on TV - this was the standard domino challenge you normally see. Teams had 5 minutes to build the longest possible domino fall. At the end of those 5 minutes, a single dominos was tipped to start the fall. Teams were judged based on total length of the run of dominos that actually fell. Skyscrapers - for this challenge, the teams had another 5 minutes to build the tallest and most resilient structure they could. Those teams were judged on the height of their structure first, and then someone from an opposing team got to choose a single domino that had to be removed. Depending how much of that structure remained standing, teams could get bonus points for their structure's fortitude. Relocation - for our final challenge, teams had 5 minutes to design a structure containing up to 50 dominos on a platform. Tat platform then had to be moved across the room with team members each holding onto a rope that was attached to one corner of the platform - and two of those team members had to wear a blindfold! Points were awarded based on how many dominos remained on the platform after the move. Once again, the competition was fierce but much fun was had by all!