Jun 06, 2019



In typical Envision fashion, we had to out-do our previous plans for a day of fun at the Envision office. Not only did we host the first ever "Airplane Folding and Flying Tournament of Champions", but we also teamed up with the Rhode Island Blood Center to help save lives in our local community! During the morning, a group of our team members completed the brave march to the front of the Hope Artiste Village (the larger building our office resides in) where the RI Blood Center's "Bloodmobile" and staff were set up. Overall, the blood drive resulted in 16 donations, helping to save 48 lives! Later in the afternoon, we hosted our first ever "Airplane Folding and Flying Tournmanet of Champions". We kicked off the festivities with the most appropriate food we could think of to accompany our aviation-themed fun: wings! After lunch, we all headed out into the main hallway of our building to test out our team's creative and technical abilities. Splitting up into teams of 4, the competition was scored using the following metrics: (1) Farthest Flight (calculated using the sum of each team's top two distances flown) (2) Most Time in the Air (3) Total Team Distance (calculated using the sum of all four team members' distances flown) Our team really went above and beyond with their paper airplane creations. Each design was unique and truly spoke to our team's resourcefulness and love of creating. We finished up the day by hanging a giant, handmade paper airplane piñata from the ceiling of our office (where it will likely hang for years to come). Overall, our team had a great day filled with both the sprit of giving, and the spirit of aviation!