May 08, 2023




Envision Technology Advisors

Lights, Cameras, Answers is a one-of-a-kind event series that pairs a blockbuster new movie with a short, focused presentation on technology. It's a unique opportunity for us to engage with prospects, clients, co-workers, industry partners, and members of the community.

Before we watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vo. 3, our CEO Todd Knapp gave an engaging presentation about AI and LLM...the pitfalls, the opportunities, and the changes that organizations need to make NOW to prepare for radical changes that are, at best, 36 months away.

Todd started with a 50,000-foot view of what LLM and AI are. Then he explained the quest of developers to create Artificial General Intelligence (think J.A.R.V.I.S. or the interactive computer system in Star Trek). He demonstrated his own experiments with ChatGPT, including his efforts to integrate it with email, train it to mirror his tone and style, and include key details that his audience would expect from him. We also learned, in real-time, how easy it is to trick LLM into creating malware.

Perhaps most importantly, we dove into how critical proper document labeling is to protect data leakage. Imagine the repercussions if highly sensitive meeting notes are mislabeled and become searchable by anyone that has permission to use the company's AI platform.

At Envision, we love "big think" but it always relates back to practical needs in the here and now. By taking the right steps now to prepare, we can harness new technology and make the world a better place.