Jul 24, 2023




Brandy Josefson

It's been a tremendous experience getting to know the first members of new National Account Acquisition Team: Matt Aghedo, Bryan Bickerstaff, and Jessica Kumar. Our new co-workers will focus on expanding Envision's client base in all 50 states and providing focused attention and unparalleled educational resources to the clients they work with. We're confident that no one in technology consulting can understand business needs better than these all-stars.

After a week of in-depth onboarding, our CEO Todd Knapp took our new colleagues sailing. It's often the little, quiet moments between training sessions that you learn the most about people. We talked about Matt's love for cooking, Bryan's passion for golf, and Jessica's history with mentorship. Building strong, collegial relationships now will have a lasting impact on our ability to collaborate and do great things together for years to come.