Jun 01, 2016



There's nothing like some chicken wings and friendly competition on a Friday afternoon. The Envision team held our first "You're Getting On My Nerfs" event. Teams of 3 people each participated in a 3-event competion, including: (1) Down the Drone - shooters had 30 seconds to try to shoot down a drone piloted by Envision's CEO, Todd Knapp (2) Sharpshooter - 3 shots at a distance to try to get through a certain target area (3) Blind Shot - a shooter is blindfolded and given directions from their team members to try to hit a can as many times as possible in 30 seconds Great fun was had by all, with the team "Strike Elite Dart Ball" coming in as the victors (congrats to Greenbaum, Stephanie, and Patrick). Here's some shots from this fun event.