Mar 01, 2022


13:00 pm



Cybersecurity is no longer just a technology issue – and truth be told, it never actually was.

Security is a business requirement, but while the importance of securing your business has never been greater, neither has the complexity of the task at hand. The speed of business today, coupled with the sophistication of attackers, makes securing your business more challenging than ever. At the same time, the potential fallout from a successful attack is also greater than ever. From monetary losses, to penalties due to non-compliance, to loss of reputation - one single attack can cripple your business, further proving the truth that keeping your business, your people, and your clients secure is the single most important part of your job today.

In this important and informative session, Envision Technology Advisors’ Founder & CEO, Todd Knapp, will present a practical look at what businesses and individuals can do to better secure their environments and minimize the risk of a successful cyberattack. Todd will outline the baseline standards all businesses should adopt immediately, as well as some advanced solutions they can consider to further harden their security. Along the way, Todd will also be happy to answer questions from the audience on the security concerns that attendees may have when it comes to their specific businesses.