May 06, 2021


14:00 pm



The strategic side of this process, or the “philosophy” behind how you approach your data is as important as making sure the technical pieces are in place. In fact, the philosophy of your approach may even be more important.

In this session, Envision’s Founder and CEO, Todd Knapp will discuss how they approach data for their own business and how they encourage clients to do so for theirs. Key topics will include:

  • Developing accurate data models & promoting them to your team
  • Driving consumption of analytics across the organization, including effective models for distribution
  • How presentation creates bias, and how to avoid those risks
  • Building automations that take action based on alerts
  • Setting the foundation for self-service analytics

All of the above will be discussed through the lens of Microsoft’s Power BI and the M365 platform.

This event is being held in partnership with Tech Collective.