Mar 30, 2021


12:30 pm



The pandemic has been a catalyst driving businesses to transform how they communicate, operate, and deliver services/products to their customers. That change can be challenging, but it is absolutely attainable. This session will provide a no-cost opportunity for you to learn more about how to use technology to your advantage, enable your employees, and thrive in a post-pandemic economy. Structured as an open-forum conversation, the session will begin with a brief presentation to set the stage and then will open up to your questions about technology and process. Want to learn about how cloud can improve your business? Curious about E-Commerce? What about Automation, Teams vs. Zoom, CRM Tools, or integrating software together? Bring your questions and we’ll do our best to help provide you with some direction.  Our technology and business experts look forward to a great conversation and plan to wrap up the discussion with some next steps and a reminder about how you can setup a FREE one-on-one consulting session in the coming few weeks.