Jun 01, 2022


15:30 pm


MSCPA Accounting & Auditing Conference

When it comes to cyber security, a well-executed attack can mean the end of a small business. In the past small and even mid-market companies were overlooked by hackers in favor of larger and higher-profile targets. All of that has changed since the pandemic began. Attacks are on the rise, and small businesses are in the crosshairs. In this session you’ll learn why modern hackers prefer small companies, and how they are most commonly compromised. We’ll focus on how you as a consultative professional can help guide your small business customers when it comes to securing their business, selecting appropriate insurance, and budgeting for security. We’ll also talk about what to tell a customer in the critical moments after they discover that they’ve been breached. Today’s CPA might very well be the most trusted advisor a small business has, so join us in what we hope will be a lively discussion. Let’s up our game and help our customers avoid disaster.