Aug 19, 2021


15:00 pm



In 2021, we have already seen a number of high-profile attacks. These include the Colonial Pipeline attack, which disrupted gas supplies to the East Coast of the United States, as well as the recent Kaseya attack, which had a trickle down effect that also impacted as many as 1500 small to medium businesses whose MSPs used the Kaseya platform. The bottom line is that ransomware is not going away. Quite the opposite - this type of attack is a growing concern for businesses big and small, threatening them with financial losses and penalties, loss of reputation, and severe business disruption.

In this timely and important webinar, Envision Technology Advisors' COO, Jason Albuquerque, will detail what your business needs to know about ransomware attacks, including the measures you should be taking to harden your organization against these attacks, as well as what processes you must have in place to build a resilient organization and recover if your business does fall victim to a ransomware attack

About the Presenter

Jason was named a “2021 Top Cybersecurity Leader” by Security Magazine. He is the co-host of the Business Security Weekly podcast and is on Congressman Jim Langevin’s Cybersecurity Advisory Committee as well as the Rhode Island Joint Cyber Task Force.