Apr 25, 2023


21:30 pm


Rhode Island Foundation
40 Exchange Terrace
Providence, Rhode Island

Join us on April 25, as Envision CEO Todd Knapp, will be speaking about Large Language Models at the SIM Boston Providence Roundtable event. Because LLM and AI generally are becoming ubiquitous in both business and culture, understanding their impact is crucial for business leaders and technologists alike. Todd's presentation is entitled, "Unleashing the Power of Large Language Models: Risks and Rewards."

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Presentation Summary:

Unleashing the Power of Large Language Models: Risks and Rewards

For the last month, the news has been riddled with stories about ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing AI Search. Although natural language processing has been around for some time now, OpenAI (and Microsoft's investment in it) has thrust Large Language Models (LLM) into the spotlight. There's no shortage of scary and/or disturbing stories about this technology, and at times, the practical opportunities may not always be obvious. This conversational session will focus on the opportunities around LLM and how it will impact our personal lives and businesses.