Event Date:

Oct 20, 2022

11:00 AM



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It’s like the start of a scary movie. Ransomware has disabled every computer at your office. The criminals are asking for five million dollars. A reporter is on the phone asking for a statement. What do you do next?

Ethical Hackers know the horrors of successful cyberattacks and how incident response can go very, very wrong. Join us to hear incredible, true tales from the professionals who live security day in and day out. This session will also include:

  • An overview of common methods that cybercriminals use to gain entry and take over systems
  • An exploration of the three stages of incident response (containment, remediation, and forensic auditing) with real-life context
  • Clear steps your business can take to plan, execute, and refine your incident response strategy

Register now for this amazing live event. Attendees will receive our exclusive cyber security response document, Train How You Fight: Incident Response Playbook & Tabletop Exercise Guide which can shape your planning sessions and set the stage for wise investments going forward.

"There are over 2,200 cyberattacks every day, one attack every 39 seconds. Hackers *will* try to breach your business. What are you doing to stop them?"

- Manny Lobao - Senior Manager of Information Security, Envision Technology Advisors

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