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Wilkin Sanchez Named a “Next Generation” Award Winner in the 2021 Tec10 Awards

Envision Technology Advisors is proud to announce that Technical Services Security Specialist, Wilkin Sanchez, has been recognized in the 2021 Tech10 Awards as a “Next Generation” award winner.

According to the Tech10 awards website, “The Tech10 Awards recognize the individuals and companies driving innovation and growth across Rhode Island’s technology ecosystem. These are the innovators, the software developers, engineers, technicians, tech leaders and the ones inspiring the next tech generation.”

Going further on the recognition Wilkin has been honored with, “The Next Tech Generation Award recognizes those that are new to the industry and are already leading the next generation of innovators and pioneering forward thinking in technology.”

Wilkin was selected for this award, in part, because of the work he has done in his community, both locally in Rhode Island and back in his native Dominican Republic. During the pandemic, Wilkin helped train teachers in the DR on ways to effectively conduct classes remotely, helping to ensure these educators had the knowledge to better serve their students at home. Along with another Tech10 award winner named Victor Espiritu, Wilkin has also helped found RIGHT (Rhode Island Group for Hispanic Technology), which is “an organization created with the mission of providing technical training and assistance to the Hispanic community and Small Businesses of the State of Rhode Island.”

According to Wilkin, “as a leader in the Hispanic community, we should work on closing the technology skill gap. I see Hispanics who want to participate in this industry in a way that makes sense for their brand. A human-centric approach will always be beneficial, especially to those who are underrepresented.”

“Wilkin’s impact during his years at Envision has been incredible,” adds Todd Knapp, Envision’s Founder & CEO. “We have consistently seen his dedication to growing his skills and making a difference in the world. There is no one I would suggest is a better example of the ‘Next Generation of the IT industry than Wilkin.”

Envision congratulates Wilkin on this well-deserved award. For more information, visit

Wilkin Sanchez

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