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The most comprehensive Generative AI-enabled personal assistant in the market today.

Copilot combines the power of GPT technology with the data and metadata in your M365 tenant, all while ensuring the safeguards and controls that are part of Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI. 

Whether you are considering an investment in Copilot, or have recently acquired licensing, our workshop will help you to build a rollout plan that will lead to adoption and increased efficiency across your organization.  

Code generation and completion

Leverage AI to assist developers in generating code snippets, completing code lines, and suggesting code improvements based on context, reducing coding time and enhancing productivity.

Automated documentation

Analyze code and automatically generate documentation, including comments, function descriptions, and usage examples, streamlining the documentation process and improving code readability.

Bug detection and fixing

With AI-powered analysis, identify potential bugs, vulnerabilities, or code smells in the codebase, and provide suggestions for fixes or optimizations, helping developers improve code quality and reliability.

Language translation and adaptation

Supports multiple programming languages and frameworks, allowing developers to work in their preferred environment while leveraging AI assistance for translation between languages or adapting code to different platforms.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Assist in collaborative coding by providing real-time suggestions, code examples, and explanations, fostering knowledge sharing among team members, and accelerating the development process.

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