Modernize your connectivity backbone 

Wireless isn’t just about portable devices anymore. Modern Wi-Fi technologies like 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6/6e) are faster than wired networks and can be just as stable. That said, the days when you could “eyeball” access point locations are long gone. Modern wireless design requires advanced training and thoughtful design. 

We use beacons to measure stray signals and materials attenuation, as well as to simulate various Wi-Fi signal patterns. That data is then fed into complex modeling tools to develop heatmaps and AP placement diagrams. Our goal is to ensure that your wireless platform is designed with precision and built to perform at its best.

Wireless Architecture

Want Best-in-Class Wireless? Measure Carefully. Envision’s team of Ekahau Wireless Design certified engineers use decades of experience and the best tools available to help you prepare your connectivity for a cloud-centric world. 


Did you know? 

An investment in good wireless design will more than pay for itself in the first year. Poor design leads to lost productivity, expensive and repetitive technical support visits by technicians, and supplemental hardware investments over time (not to mention the damage to team morale). All of these are significantly more costly than a proper design engagement.

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