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Security incidents are increasing year over year, with ransomware and phishing at all-time highs. Our Incident Response solution is here for you in the event of a breach. This solution is focused on getting your business up and running again, kicking/keeping malicious actors out, and determining the root cause of the incident. Envision has subject matter experts who can perform a forensic analysis, fix affected services, and engineer a more resilient infrastructure.

Envision’s RootLevel Security team provides the best response services available. Our industry-leading experts take a comprehensive approach to managing cybersecurity incidents: technical response and business coordination. That simultaneous multifaced approach is directed by a single, highly experienced coach who is assigned to your business and laser-focused on getting you back on track.

Where a lot of response companies are niche subject matter, technical experts, Envision’s team is comprised of multi-disciplinary professionals that extend well beyond just technical skillset. At the end of the day, great technical acumen should be table stakes.  When the chips are down, you need a team that includes strategists and business professionals to help you weigh the cost/benefit and make the right decision. That “service symmetry” is what we bring to the table.

Technical Response

We work quickly to remove malicious actors, assist with restoring affected systems, and perform a detailed forensic analysis to prevent future incidents. At the end of the process, we provide a detailed report of all findings and remediation recommendations.

Business Coordination

We coach your senior leadership through each step of the incident response process. Who to call, how to communicate, what to document, and what not to do. Rely on our knowledge of Cyber Liability and E&O insurance requirements, law enforcement protocols, and internal/external communication. We excel at calming tense situations, following best practices, and fostering resiliency going forward.

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