Why it's important

Investing in growing the talent of your people is a sure bet

Training leads to efficiencies in their work and improvements in the overall security of your organization. Envision's UpLift solution was developed to help ensure your people have a clear path for training and growth established for them - a path that is a collaborative effort between the employee, your company, and our training professionals.

Training management

Using a CPE model, Envision has developed a program specific to IT professionals. We’ve also established an 8-step process to completely manage the program for your organization and your people.



1. Meet with your management team

Meet with your Management Team to understand your organization and your specific concerns around the IT team’s training.

2. Meet with your I.T. team

Meet with your IT team to learn about their roles, where they are strong and where they feel they may be lacking some expertise, and what they are interested in learning more about.

3. Establish CPE Plan

Combining our findings from these two meetings with our own industry expertise and what we know is important, we will establish a CPE Plan for each individual employee.

4. Research training opportunities

We will research training opportunities, including conferences, webinars, courses, and trainings which will meet the needs of the CPE Plan.

5. Select the "right-fit" trainings"

We will work with your employees so they can select the trainings that are right for them. We will get these approved by management and we will even register the employees for each training.

6. One-on-one with employees

Shortly before any scheduled conference or training, we will work with individual employees to create a plan for what they expect to learn at the event, ensuring that these goals align with their overall training plan.

7. Training & debrief

After the training is completed, we will connect with team members to debrief them on the experience and discuss how the content aligned with the training plan.

Ongoing CPE training plan

We will administer all ongoing CPE, updating the plan as trainings are completed and giving both your management team and your employees a dedicated resource they can turn to for any of their ongoing education needs.

Training shouldn't put added stress on your employees. Let us handle it.

Envision’s Training Management solution takes the work of planning and managing trainings for IT staff, or for other staff that togetehr we determine should be part of this training plan, and ensure that you do not need to worry about it.

Conference table

Customized Training Plans

In addition to developing and administering individual training plans, Envision also employees trainers who can develop and deliver customized education for your organization. These trainings include topics like Cybersecurity Posture Training, Microsoft Teams Training, and Digital ADA Compliance. All trainings are tailored to your specific organization to ensure maximum relevance to your people and your business. We literally never give the exact same training twice!

Is there a vendor-specific technology your team is interested in being trained on? We can facilitate that training for you as well and make all the arrangements – from the presenter to the training space where the session will be held. We will also connect with your employees both before and after the session to ensure that all trainings are meeting CPE plans and business requirements.