I have been at Envision since:

June 2012

Hobbies, activities, or interests:

I love baking and coming up with crazy sauces to pair with desserts. My craziest combination to date has been a ginger and pear cheese cake with a mandarin and a lychee caramel sauce (I didn’t say all of them were winners). I enjoy baking so much that I'm currently attempting to start a small dessert only catering company that I hope will eventually lead to a dessert based food truck!

Interesting story or fact about me:

After college I decided to do a little traveling. I ended up at the little town of Hope in upstate Washington. After checking in on an old friend I wound up at a diner where an over confident town sheriff started hassling me. Long story short, there was a standoff in the woods involving the National Guard that ended when a colonel I knew was able to talk me down. The only thing I have to say about the entire experience is “they drew first blood”.

Professional summary:

I lead Human Resources for Envision. That includes leading culture and organizational change, performance management, empowering employee performance productivity, as well as leadership communication and influence.