I have been at Envision since:

January 2020 (at Cyber Technical since 2007)

Hobbies, activities, or interests:

Playing guitar and piano, hiking, camping, cycling, running, visiting national parks, travelling, outdoor activities of all kinds, and playing with my daughter and my dog.

Interesting story or fact about me:

I moved to New Hampshire because I love hiking in the mountains. I have climbed all 48 of the 4,000 foot mountains in NH, and I am currently re-climbing them with my dog Hazel. She probably covers double the miles, but she has 4 legs and I carry her food and water, so I think she has it pretty easy.

Professional summary:

I have been working as a web developer in some capacity since the late 1990's. Prior to joining Envision I founded Cyber Technical where I specialized in .NET web application development along with the day-to-day tasks of running a small business. Although I have specialized in the .NET web-based frameworks, I also have years of experience with the browser-side web stack (HTML, Javascript, CSS etc.), SQL/database modeling and development, and development of content management systems and .NET desktop applications.