Security as the cornerstone

Cybersecurity isn't just a technology issue, it's key to every aspect of your success.

The potential fallout from a successful cyberattack represents a business challenge - not just an IT problem. The only solution is to make security the cornerstone of every decision going forward. With RootLevel Security, your organization can go beyond Zero Trust to become future-ready.

Our security specialists work closely with our clients to conduct comprehensive assessments, enable regulatory compliance, as well as to implement and manage best-in-class prevention methods.

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Assessment and Consultation

Security begins by understanding where you are today, addressing any concerns that arise, and establishing a plan to deliver ongoing security for your organization.


To avoid fines and lawsuits, it's critically important to demonstrate compliance. We provide end-to-end compliance services, including in-depth documentation.


Close the gaps with Vulnerability Management and Managed Defense. If a breach does occur, our Incident Response team will shepherd you through the process of recovery.

Keep your business, and your people, protected.

Let's talk about how

Assessment and Consultation

Our cybersecurity experts will identify where your organization is today, including vulnerabilities and areas of concern. We'll detail the steps needed to address those concerns and present a plan to deliver ongoing security for your company.

CNSA provides visibility into the security posture of your internal and external networks and systems. This assessment includes an internal and external vulnerability assessment, manual validation and penetration testing of internal and externally facing networks, systems, sites and applications from a threat actor’s perspective. This also includes identification, manual validation and exploitation of vulnerabilities, along with actionable remediation recommendations for improved security.

Practical Exposure Assessment service provides real world attack simulations to produce a point in-time review of vulnerabilities and threats to your environment. Leveraging industry best practices, tactics, techniques, and procedures, we deploy a unified threat scenario to examine the resiliency and effectiveness of your security operations, technical policies, and defenses. Your operational resilience is assessed in a holistic manner by combining numerous testing approaches into comprehensive engagements, with the goal of finding and accessing your most critical digital assets.

It is easy to define strong password policies, yet the key challenge is the visibility to ensure users follow it correctly. Our security team conducts Credential Assessments to help enterprises understand the risks and weaknesses of their passwords with clear indication of areas of improvement before damaging incidents happen.

Brand Visibility Assessment (BVA) is to ensure that only the information and systems needed for your business are exposed to the Internet.

Without assistance from you, we enumerate all identifiable Internet-facing sites, applications, networks, and systems, characterizing your cyber-attack surface. This also includes forum, dark web, and IRC searches to look for revealing or nefarious chatter about your systems and networks. Recommendations are then provided to minimize your cyber-attack surface.

Ranked Risk Assessment identifies and provides a risk rating on the exposures present within your systems and network.

The Security Services team leverages best of breed tools configured to analyze your environment. Our assessment discovers, but is
not limited to, the identification of system misconfigurations, missing patches, known exploits, out-of-date or unsupported software, and exposed services. The information provided from this assessment can then be leveraged to build remediation plans to fully eliminate the risks, or create a plan to reduce your risk exposure to an acceptable level.

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Compliance Enablement

Organizations are subject to a maze of requirements - federal, state, local laws, industry-specific requirements, international regulations, etc. Non-compliance can be devastating: fines, lawsuits, reputation-damaging data breaches, and even criminal liability. With RootLevel Security, you can go beyond the checkbox approach.

When you engage with us, there's no mystery as to where you are on your compliance journey. We provide an itemized scoring report based on NIST SP 800-171 and visualizations of data flow and your network.

Our compliance review process is a close, collaborative one. We provide your management team with an actionable roadmap to achieving (and maintaining) compliance. We also stand ready to remediate if vulnerabilities need to be addressed.

We generate detailed documentation of every step taken that is mapped to your business' unique requirements. We want to help you demonstrate to everyone (auditors, investigators, compliance officers, etc.) that your organization isn't just complaint - you went above and beyond to prioritize security.

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Getting proactive with your security measures can help avoid costly downtime and enable innovation.

We offer a monthly, recurring service that identifies and provides risk ratings for vulnerabilities present within your systems and network. Our analysis includes, but is not limited to the identification of: system misconfigurations, missing patches, exposure to known exploits, out-of-date and unsupported software, and exposed services.

We implement and manage cutting-edge tools like MDR (Managed Detection and Response) and XDR (Extended Detection and Response) depending upon the needs of each client. That includes: endpoint monitoring, alerting, threat detection and hunting, log triage and analysis, advanced analytics, and remediation enablement.

To guard against social engineering attacks, we will conduct baseline testing (establishing an initial baseline for your security posture through simulated phishing attacks and social engineering). To ensure security awareness is maintained, ongoing testing should also be conducted using fully automated simulated phishing attacks

Our RootLevel Security specialists provide enterprise-grade reporting, including stats and graphs, so you understand both your risk level and your progress.

Our RootLevel Security specialists are focused on getting your business back up and running, eliminating access for malicious actors, and determining the root cause to prevent future incidents. Our subject matter experts perform forensic analyses, assist with standing back up affected services, provide a detailed report of all findings, including remediation suggestions, and work to architect a more resilient infrastructure.